13 Dec 2016

Why You Hate Timesheets And What To Do About Them

13 Dec 2016

Most of us have to keep track of the hours we work in one way or another. Some punch a clock on a wall some perhaps keep a sticky note on our desk, which is a bad way to do it and then there is always the classic timesheet. What a hassle. Whether you keep track of your time by the hour or by the project timesheets are faulty. They are hated for a variety of reasons and there are solutions to this method.

6 Reasons You Should Start Using an Online Time-Tracking Software

Here are some of the reasons everyone hates timesheets and ways we can benefit without them or at least track our productivity better.

One of the biggest problems for employees and employers with timesheet is that they are inaccurate. People have a hard time accurately accounting for the actual amount of time they spent on a project. They may forget to include time spent online researching for the project or omit it since it was just 10 minutes here and there, maybe some of that time was spent during lunch when a thought came to mind. In reality if they spend 10 minutes per day researching things and never account for the time at the end of just one year they have spent a total of 6 days on research that was never accounted for.

What to do: If time tracking is essential use a time tracking app that focuses less on reporting work hours and more on the productivity of hours worked.

Timesheets perhaps, also are measuring what is less important. They measure the time spent on a project, which while can be important is not nearly important as the quality of the final product that came out.

At the end of the day would you rather have a final product come out that took a few hours longer but came out stellar over one that was done very quickly and came out mediocre? Sometimes time is money, but sometimes it’s worth something taking a little extra time.

What to do: Now this is a tough one and one that the employer has to decide for themselves, but valuing quality over time spent is important. Try pay based on the project versus hourly.

Another reason we hate timesheets is that for employees especially they are time consuming and there is no real way to justify the time spent remembering how you spent your time. Can you really report on a timesheet the time it takes to fill out your timesheet?

5 Reasons ClockIn Portal is an HR’s Best Friend

What to do: As a business implement an online time tracking software like Clockin Portal and take the Timesheets out of tracking time. With Clockin Portal you can allow employees to clock-in from certain computers, any computer, or even an app on their phones. The employee can submit an edit if they make an error that their manager can approve. It takes the time out of time management and makes payroll easier on management too because you can view one persons time or download everyones.

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