Manage your business effectively and spend time on what really matters,with ClockIn Portal time clock software features.

ClockIn Portal’s Advanced Time Clock Software Features

With ClockIn Portal time clock software features, you manage your business effectively and spend time on what really matters.

ClockIn Portal features address the needs of all clients. Companies can benefit from ClockIn Portal by having an online employee time tracking system.

We support businesses by providing not just online time tracking. It is a comprehensive system that includes timesheet management, payroll processing, and access points.

Real Time Tracking

Track and monitor your employees from anywhere in the world with ClockIn Portal’s advanced online time tracking software. ClockIn Portal is a user-friendly software that enables employees to clock in, clock out and take lunch breaks simply by a click of a mouse. Time-tracked information is kept securely at our servers so you can access easily at any time.

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Online Timesheets

Get inclusive timesheets online with ClockIn Portal. Timesheets can be customized to include miles covered or work reported during shifts. So with ClockIn Portal, you get all the data in one report. This way you get a huge picture of work done, and the hours spent performing tasks and miles covered.

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Payroll Timesheet Software

Get accurate payroll reports that you can easily customize by choosing overtime calculation method. If you are one of the companies that need mileage calculations, easily have all miles calculated and added to payroll report without any extra paperwork or lousy calculations. Overtime calculations methods available are:
☑ Don’t Calculate Overtime
☑ Weekly Overtime
☑ California Overtime

User Management

Integrations System

Get the best of ClockIn Portal and enjoy our integration system. ClockIn Portal integrates with Google Apps for Work and Outlook. ClockIn Portal allows you to add users, track and monitor employees easily while using services that you already like.

Access Points

Through access points, an administrator can control clock-in and clock-out locations. No undesignated workplace logins can occur without being noticed. With ClockIn Portal online services, get a system that guarantees that everyone is where they are supposed to be.

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