04 Aug 2016

6 Reasons You Should Start Using an Online Time-Tracking Software Right Now

04 Aug 2016

Tracking employees’ time and keeping files of timesheets the traditional way may have helped you in the past, but now in a competitive and fast-paced world, there is no room for conventional and slow methods.

Introducing new technologies can have a huge impact on your business. It can save your time and help you run your business efficiently.

ClockIn Portal, an online time-tracking software can help you track your employees’ working hours with ease. Here are some features that show why using an online time-tracking software is indispensable.


#1 Reliable Access Points

What stops your employees from faking a clock in and makes you trust this software is access points. Only an administrator can control access points.

Deciding whether your employees have to clock only from work or giving them the ability to clock in and work from home is totally up to you. If an access point has a designated location, it means that employees cannot clock outside that location.

Also, you have the option to allow your employees to clock from anywhere while having an indication that shows you that your employees have clocked from an undesignated location (outside work).


#2 Real Time Tracking

An online time-tracking software means your employees’ clocked-in and clocked-out data will be saved online for you to access at any time and from anywhere. ClockIn Portal gives you real-time tracking.

You can view who is at work and who isn’t on the spot. Real-time tracking makes you constantly aware when employees arrive and who is at work no matter how far you are from work premises.  


#3 Easy Access to Timesheets Online

Instead of filing timesheets constantly and digging through them every time you’re looking for an important item, use an online time-tracking software.

With many employees, you don’t want to waste space keeping files, or even save them on a computer and risk losing your data with every unexpected and not unlikely computer crash.

An online system will keep your files organized and accessible. You can check employees’ timesheets online. Use employee name, specify date, and easily get detailed timesheets.

#4 An Effective Payroll-Calculating Software

Payroll is a nightmare, and when you make payroll calculations, you don’t just track working hours, you also look through vacation requests, calculate overtime, check every employee’s hourly rate and check miles covered if it’s applicable.

If you have all these data scattered around, coming up with accurate payroll reports is neither enjoyable nor easy.

With ClockIn Portal, you just insert mileage rates, hourly rates, choose whether you want to include overtime or not, and you will have an error-free payroll report that consists of all working hours tracked through a time period that you choose.


#5 Diverse User Management Options

As a business owner, you would want more access and permissions than your employees. ClockIn Portal offers that feature.

For different positions, there are different permissions. You can easily add users, edit users’ information, add departments, add users to departments, approve, or deny shift requests, and import data.

As a database administrator, you can also view timesheets of everyone unlike supervisors who are limited to viewing timesheets of only their direct managees.


#6 Convenient Integration Solutions

When you use a new software, a feature would be the ability to integrate it with other softwares you already use. With ClockIn Portal, you can integrate with other services for more convenience. You can automatically import contacts from Google Apps for Work to ClockIn Portal instead of adding users manually.

Also, you can integrate with Microsoft Outlook to enable your employees to clock in, clock out, or take lunch break through Outlook without having to log into ClockIn Portal website.

In the end, no matter where your employees tracked their time, you can still access timesheet and payroll reports when you log into your ClockIn Portal Admin account. With those six features, ClockIn Portal offers a system that greatly enables you to track your employees time and get detailed reports without any effort on your part.

It’s a software that saves your time, and allows you to engage in matters that need your attention, which makes you run your business smoothly.