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Pay for Active Users Only

ClockIn Portal lets you pay only for the service you receive. If an employee is no longer part of your company, for example, you can deactivate his/her account and you do not have to pay for that user.

ClockIn Portal Pricing and Free Trial

ClockIn Portal is cost-effective online employee time clock software that saves you a lot of money. You will pay your employees only for the exact hours they worked. No more payroll errors or miscalculations. Plus, you pay as you go, which means you only pay for the days you used ClockIn Portal for each of your employees.

One-month Free Trial

When you sign up for ClockIn Portal, you get the chance
to try out the app absolutely free for 30 days.
No credit card data needed.
Try out all the features and cancel anytime.

ClockIn Portal Cost-effective Rates

When you sign up for ClockIn Portal, the first user is always free. You only pay for users you add beginning from the actual date they started using the service and not before. Sign up now for ClockIn Portal’s great features and benefits.

ClockIn Portal Features

Tracking Employees Time

Get an online employee time clock system

How It Works

Integrate with Google Apps to easily import users

employers and employees

Monitor and track employees working hours

time tracking smart

Access and customize Timesheet and Payroll Reports

Restrict or authorize

Restrict or authorize undesignated workplace clock-ins

user-friendly online time tracker

Enjoy secure access to employee time records with access levels set by you.

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