29 Nov 2016

Biometric Technology For Time Clocks

29 Nov 2016

Biometric identifiers are the distinct measurable characteristics used to describe and label individuals. Fingerprints, footprints, and retinas are just a few examples of biometrics. A person can have their these digitally scanned as a means of identification. This is great in terms of security since no two peoples’ biometrics are an exact match.

There are many common applications for which biometric scanning is a practical and useful technology. For instance being fingerprinted for a background check provides very fast and accurate results. However, other applications are just not practical for everyday.

One of these situations is when it comes to using a fingerprint, or even retinal scans, for a time clock. There are many benefits to this technology, don’t get us wrong. However, is it the most practical thing for your business? Considering the many options when it comes to recording and managing time biometrics may seem smart, but considering the cost of implementation, it may not be the best choice for everyone.

To help you decide if this is a system you want to look into for your business, we can discuss some of the benefits of biometric time clocks.

Biometric technology offers users a greater level of security than is found in other types of time management systems. Using your employee’s biometrics does mean no one else can clock in as that employee, which is definitely a benefit- but is that a problem for your business? In some fields where security is of huge importance this would be a great thing, but in most fields, it seems like a bit much. Depending on which type of biometrics the time clock uses it could be dangerous to the employees as well. How could it possibly be a good thing to have your employees go through retinal scans multiple times a day?

One core benefit of using biometrics for time clocks is that it virtually eliminates the possibility of employee time theft. Since no one else can clock in or out for any employee it guarantees that the person clocking in is the employee. According to the American Payroll Association it’s estimated that one coworker punching in or out for another person affects up to 75% of businesses in the United States. Biometric technology helps accurately track employee time and attendance, and prevents time theft issues such as early arrivals, early departures, and unauthorized overtime. As a result, when attendance data is transferred into payroll processing software, HR staff has access to the most accurate and up-to-date data, which reduces payroll errors. Of course, just because the employee is there and on time doesn’t mean they are working..

Using a biometric time clock does increase a company’s return on investment (ROI) by having all of the time and attendance information done electronically. It also prevents errors that occur when the company uses manual methods of keeping track of attendance – leaving payroll to manually calculate hours worked. However, any electronic means of time tracking can increase a company’s ROI with a significantly lower implementation cost. For instance, Clock In Portal is a cloud based attendance system that calculates hours and makes payroll just as easy, if not easier, by calculating bonuses as well all without the cost of an expensive biometric time clock. Another parallel that can be drawn in terms of ROI is that by using either a web or cloud based time management system or a biometric time clock is that both reduce the cost of replacing lost or stolen ID cards and having IT reset forgotten passwords.

Biometric time clocks do have several advantages over manual timekeeping methods, but other than the higher level of security, you can achieve the same benefits at a much lower cost simply by implementing a web or cloud based time tracking system. If you don’t have a problem with employees clocking in or out for other employees (and don’t need an extremely high level of time clock security in your company), there are much better options that are better suited to the needs of your business – and a much more cost effective option.

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