20 Feb 2017

How to track your employees and still be seen as a good boss

20 Feb 2017

Using a Screenshot Monitor/Time Tracking software will not appeal for all employees. But it is NOT productive employees who will feel annoyed, but rather the unproductive ones.

Productive employees already manage their time by one way or another and being asked to use a time tracker will work as an extra privilege for them. Productive people are the most annoyed at the loss of time.

As an irony of fact, most of the time employees waste, they waste while thinking how to manage time in the first place. This is when a smart time tracking strategy can be of double benefit for both the employer and the employees. But how can you track your employees’ performance and attendance while no hard feelings make their way to the team?


Orientation on time management

While it is a fine thread between a boss and a leader, they are definitely not the same. In a certain way, they are absolutely the opposite of one other. Bosses will just pass orders to get the job done. On the other hand, leaders; educate and motivate.

Real leaders should keep their employees indulged into regular sessions on time managements and various time management skills. Employees are the main assets of any business. That is why a business owner should provide his team with a serene entourage in order to get the best out of them. Once the employees feel equal and comfortable they take the business to new levels of success.

Though all employees may have the same amount of hours per day, some of them may feel that they do not have enough time. It is not that they do not have enough time to manage their tasks and meet their deadlines, it is that they do not have a clear focus. This is when a professional orientation about time management is essential to encourage your team.

A concrete system of time tracking can be of great benefit to your employees. Once they know that a time tracker can contribute to organizing their time and enhancing productivity. As the quickest way to run out of time is to think you have enough of it. It will be great to orient your team that defining how they spend their time is already an effective time management tool. Teach them to protect their time!


Technological innovation

Modern technology contributed to a real breakthrough as far as time management is concerned. Once you train your staff about the idea of time management and tracking, they will understand the idea of remote monitoring.

A simple and easy time tracking software is a great solution to track your employees and still be regarded as a good boss. Choose a user-friendly app that can integrate to your employees favorite calendar tools, shares tasks and assigns due dates. Modern technology enables you to easily collaborate with your team and to track work flow wherever you are.


A time tracker that both you and your employees will like

The success of your business is connected to other key support factors that you must never neglect. Whatever the solution you will pick to track your employees, you should make sure that it appeals to them as well as it appeals to you.

Always remember that you need your employees the way they need you. You must add to them while you equally get the benefits they are supposed to contribute to the business.

There is plenty of time trackers that come with smart packages of features. You just need to make sure that your team is ready for using one of them. Choose a user-friendly tracker with a captivating interface. Always consider the work culture first, you cannot offer technological innovation on an isolated island!


Progress and productivity

Tracking your employees’ time is an effective method to monitor their progress and enhance their productivity. If you implement tracking your employees in a professional way, it will contribute positively to different aspects of your business.

You do not micromanage them, but rather you give them hints to improve their performance. They will appreciate pieces of advice and encouragement. You can equip less productive employees with ideas and better plans. Mostly, employees feel better when they feel that they are in charge of the business in a concrete manner.

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