04 Aug 2016

5 Tools to Run Your Business Efficiently

04 Aug 2016

Opting for efficiency and convenience is a number one priority to businesses whether small startups or overseas corporations. Efficiency and convenience mean you don’t just save time. You save time, increase revenue, develop untraditional methods to run your business and keep your employees satisfied.


#1 ClockIn Portal

ClockIn Portal is an online time-tracking software that records employees’ working hours efficiently and accurately. Employees will have their accounts where they can clock in when they arrive to work and clock out when they leave.

The system is online and they can access their account from anywhere but don’t worry. The program is designed so that you control clock-ins and clock-outs designated locations, depending on the business flexibility, and the need for some businesses to be flexible about work locations.

All tracked hours are translated into timesheet & payroll reports. The reports are accurate and detailed, so there is no need for you or for anyone to spend time working on timesheets or payroll reports. This online software will help you generate reports no matter where you are.


#2 Asana

Asana is a great tool to help you keep all tasks organized. Employees will have their to-do list screen where they can write tasks, organize them into projects, set due dates, and also attach files relevant to the task.

Everyone can see the tasks. Asana is not just an online application that you organize tasks on. You can communicate with your team members by commenting on the tasks, which allows for team members to communicate efficiently without using emails.

You get it all: organized to-do lists, all task-related data and effective communications between team members on the best ways to perform any task.


#3 Google Drive

The 9-5 lifestyle is becoming an outdated concept, and the strict division between working hours and personal time is slowly fading.

The thing is work does not have to be tied to a certain location. Some businesses have the flexibility of working from any location at any time.

The schedule is flexible so that it can help employees do their work and attend to their life’s commitments without losing both.

You can use Google Drive to keep all your work-related data in one place. You can check them wherever you are and you can share them with other colleagues.

You can create new files or upload files from your computer to the drive. It’s efficient and lets you do work wherever you are.


#4 Grammarly

Effective communication is a valuable asset. Expressing yourself clearly says a lot about you. Everyone makes mistakes while writing. Sometimes, editing an email isn’t enough. Grammarly can help you.

It effectively corrects word documents and emails, taking care of issues that you might not notice. Grammarly is your best companion to effective communication.

It simply polishes you up and presents you as an effective communicator and a good writer and that can make you go a long way.   


#5 Elance

Last but not least, there is Elance. It is a great way to hire employees. If you have a task that will not take time, you can always hire a freelancer to do the job without having to hire a full-timer.

Elance will help you experiment and find the talents that you need. A talented freelancer miles away can sometimes do the job better. Check Elance often and use it to expand your team in untraditional ways.


With these tools you can always stay updated about what goes in your company whether you’re in your office or miles away.