20 Oct 2016

The Myth of Time Management

20 Oct 2016

Everyone believes if they manage their time effectively they will have enough time to do all of the things they wish to do. Whether this be spend time with loved ones, finish the growing list of tasks on their to-do lists, achieve the important goals, go on our dream trips, whatever those things may be we think if we just manage our time we can do it all.

The truth is managing time is a myth. Time can’t be managed and it can’t be saved no matter what it ticks away in spite of our best efforts to control it. The one key we do possess is how we use the time we have. We can waste time, we are all fairly good at that, spending way too much time watching TV, movies, even being stuck in traffic is a waste of time and in some cases could be avoided.

You can maximize the time you do have to increase your productivity to be more efficient in doing the things you need to do and even may have a little more time to do the things you enjoy. Take a look at the things that need to be done each day and see if any of them can be combined into one task.

Some of us live by our to-do list, but the time spent on to-do lists can be just as counterproductive. The time spent thinking of what we have to do is better spent actually working on something that needs to be done. To-do lists don’t do anything to get you further towards the goal of finishing the tasks.

I know you get a sense a sense of satisfaction once you sit down and write your list for the week, maybe that’s me, but in reality in the time I just wasted writing the list I could have easily gotten at least one if not 2 things on it actually done.

We may all think that we have to have hours of uninterrupted focused time to be most productive and get the most out of our time for large projects, but in reality it is often better to break large projects up into smaller chunks and work on it over time.

Make sure you schedule time to work on it every day and always give yourself more time than think you may need. By breaking large tasks into chunks and working on it over a longer period of time you won’t get burnt out on it and will have a more successful outcome.

There is no single perfect way to manage your time better the key is figure out what works best for you. You have to take into account management timelines, your inner clock, what time or times of day you are more productive, but it can be done. Start with small changes, short-term goals. Maybe start with changing how you deal with non-pressing emails and phone calls and sudden meetings and go from there.

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