20 Mar 2017

Time Management Tips You Need to Learn Now

20 Mar 2017

Time is more precious than gold or any valuable treasures.That is why you are not supposed to allow unimportant details to mess with your time. Turn time management into a daily habit. Make sure you do not start your daily routine before you have a real plan for the major tasks of the day.

Remember Green Goblin from Spider-Man? His advice to you is that everyone has a choice, you can choose your own path of life. That is why you can also work out to manage your time.

Still at a mess? Here are that most important tips you need to learn.

Early birds get the worm!

Always make your day longer. Shifting your days towards the morning is a very good idea. Difficult? As simple as it can be, just wake up early!

Morning hours are your hours of power, invest in them. You can also, have decent breakfast and exercise for 10 minutes then start your day while enjoying some happy hormones and positive energy.

In fact many of us make a big mistake through not keeping the same morning routine, even on weekends. If you wake up at 7 am every day, do the same on the weekend. Otherwise, you will not be able to wake up fresh on the first day of the week.

Early morning hours are serene and quite. While during the last hours of the day you are a dead brain. It is difficult to deliver valuable achievements along the whole day. That is why the earlier, the merrier.

Bonus tip: Always schedule the most important tasks in the morning, before you get tired.

Use a time management tool

Modern technological innovation contributed to an easier life and offered you smart solutions to drop down many problems to a minimal level. That is why using a time management tool will help you to manage your time and organize your tasks in a better manner.

A smart time-tracking tool is a unique way to track working hours, productivity and breaks. It takes you to automated levels of accurate and easier time management. In addition, it helps you to enhance productivity and to manage your tasks smoothly.

Either a desktop or web-based time trackers like ClockIn Portal will give you the opportunity to track your time usage and to keep a detailed record as a reference for every single time you need to go back to it.

Such systematic and innovative routine directly saves your time and pushes you towards more productivity and concentration on what really matters.

Planning in advance and setting goals

A favorite time management tip is to get a to-do list. Either a manual or a smart to-do list will help you to record what is on your mind and remember all your tasks.

Your handwriting, notes and illustrations will always work as innovative reminders. Keep your planner available wherever you go. A to-do list will collaborate you effectively with your tasks and will enable you to keep organized and to manage your time effectively.

Use a calendar app every day

Because each moment of your life counts, you should make the best use of each single moment. Through a smart calendar you can organize tasks and keep on track with your important events and deadlines. It is always important to prepare for the next day.

The calendar reminds you of your important meetings, flights, concerts, restaurant reservations and any other important duties. You can set the view of the calendar according to your style and you can easily switch between months and weeks.

Some calendars can automatically schedule time for your goals. A calendar will provide you with lots of positive energy.


Focus on one task per time. Multitasking is a wasteful way of work. Always exert your utmost to reduce distraction in the work area.Remember that the lack of direction is the problem not only the lack of time.

You can provide yourself with scientifically improved music to help you focus during working hours. Reducing distraction is a key reason for a better workflow and sane productivity.

Once you are in the good mood to work, it will be easy to organize your tasks and make the best use of time. You no more have to postpone tasks or treat work as a burden.


You are a human not a robot. Respect your natural body need to rest and sleep properly. Being tired will give a negative impact to your effectiveness and deliverance, no matter how organized you are.

Put personal rest, sleep and relaxation on your calendar too. We all forget ourselves if we are working on an important project or determined to meet a deadline. However, dropping sleeping properly can be distracted. Make it a habit to sleep eight hours each night.

Say no to time waster!

If you want to organize your time and accomplish your task you need to keep the distractions you like out of your sight. Avoid distractions and factors of interruptions. Keep your entourage tidy and check everything according to an action plan not once notified.

Ask yourself what distracts you? Facebook? Twitter? Instant messages? Coming E-mails? Whatever distracts you mute your phone and logout of all your social media accounts before you start working. Once done, you are allowed to check over everything again.

You can also replace your bookmarks with important and work related resources. Well, this needs practice, step by step, you will develop less tendency to waste your time.

Break down big tasks

The ability to accomplish big tasks is one of the most essential time management hacks. Sometime the effort may feel impossible but once you get started doing smaller parts of the task, it will get accomplished.

Alors! We procrastinate because it is either heavy work unto us or a big thing that we do not know to start. Always learn to get the hard work done first, as early as you can in the day. Then you can go around and procrastinate as you wish.

However, breaking down big tasks is always a very useful hack. Take notes, draw charts, write down memos, and prepare bits and pieces of the whole thing. This way, you will end up having the big thing divided into small parts that can be gathered altogether.

Gathering small ideas will quickly leave you with a larger thing. This will give you a feeling of accomplishment and will never make things look complicated.

Take regular breaks

At a certain moment you need to PAUSE everything and relax for a while. Mostly calming your mind and breaking the tension is a magical ingredient against challenges. You can move around, eat something, exercise or even have a small game.

Regular breaks will refresh your mind and will energize you to move on. As sitting down your chair all the day long is not good for your health in general.

Take a 5 to 10 minute break, go around to drink water or stretch and this will make magic to your body. There are also very handy exercises you can do at or near your desk. After all, you are not a machine!

Set deadlines

Remember that if it was not for deadlines nothing would have ever been done! Setting a deadline will impose itself as a warning for you to manage your tasks and reserve accountability.

Deadlines are always much closer and urging than they appear. That is why you should learn to say a clear no if there are other parties entitled to the deadline.

You need to prioritize your tasks. Mostly, we do important tasks first not the easy ones. Remember that efficiency and effectiveness are not the same thing. Effective people hit the important things.

Bonus tip: reward yourself every time you meet a deadline.

Remember that time is money!

Always keep in mind that your time is the most valuable coin in life. You and you alone will determine how that coin will be spent.

As a matter of fact, all people are equally rich when it comes to the currency of time; we all have 24 hours. Some people can go richer because they know how to invest the fortune of their time. While lamentably, others lose their wealth as they cannot apply their time well. We always have enough time, only if we use it well.

Creating a time budget is a brilliant idea. Decide how much time working on things will lead to profit or will deliver money. Moving your commitment and meeting your dreams will definitely push you forward to accomplish better results.


Perseverance in many cases can be concluded that whatever happens, you just shut up and keep on swimming. Whatever you are doing, it needs dedication and persistence despite any difficulty or delay in achieving results.

You mostly need perseverance when things do not go right. Develop your own strategies and hacks to deal with pressure. Keep a small snack beside you or perform short stretching exercises every now and then.

Think positively of results, success, bonus, weekends, family time and vacations. A positive attitude is all what you need to take toward difficult tasks and hard times. Back to reviewing your progress and evaluating your routine, this will lend you a hand to enhance your style.

We learn from our mistakes. Learn how to have a positive attitude towards hard tasks and always bring a fresh perspective to your mind.

Review your progress

Whenever possible make it a regular habit to go back and check your daily routine and finished projects. We review the past to become better, not to reproach ourselves.

We are human, we all make mistakes. However, the brilliant is who learns from these mistakes and works hard to deliver something better out of them.

If you can enhance anything or add any improvements this will be great in the future. It will save your time and disappointment every other time you get along the same topic.


Final word

Life is already hectic. However, it goes on, no matter what. That is why organizing your tasks and managing your time can really lend you a hand to have an easier life. You cannot disconnect from yourself, but you can manage things in a better way.

Time management is a magician. Organizing where everything is going is number one step towards achieving concrete results. Always remember that messy days will lead you nowhere.

Bonus tip: Set time every now and then to get new knowledge and practice a new trend.

Relaxation will make you more productive and enthusiastic. Once you are healthy and positive; you will manage your time better and you will become more effective.