14 Mar 2017

How Companies Can Make Remote Businesses Work

14 Mar 2017

Modern technological innovation offered the business world new ideas and hacks for a better communication. Virtual and remote businesses became very trendy and business owners are now able to manage their companies and projects wherever they are.

As simple as it may seem, there are many regulations and guidelines to maintain the world-class performance of a remote business. There is a strong bond between remote business and technology.  That is why every remote business owner should equip himself with smart technology that will provide him with flexibility and expansion.

Telecommunicating and managing business from any place can save money and help business owners accomplish more in less time. However, business owners should always be connected with their teams, mail, customers and international partners.

We bring to you the basic factors that will help you to make immense success out of your remote business. Because a smart manager must lead a smart virtual workforce.

Remote Time Tracking

Smart time management is essential to keep employees organized while shifting from one task to another. An innovative time tracking software calculates attendance, working hours, overtime and leaves. It keeps employees organized and productive even when their managers and business owners are not around.

A smart time tracking app like My hours or ClockIn Portal will be a real privilege for those who work on their own or remotely. Time management promotes productivity and it gives employees a sense of freedom and responsibility. Working according to checklists, and time planners makes each employee his own boss and this idea really appeals to employees.

Though managing time can be a very complicated task. Modern technology offered smart solutions for time tracking and task organization. These innovative time management tools boost workflow and productivity.

Smart online time-tracking tools take traditional systems to a new automated level of accurate and easier management. If you are leading a business from a remote place or you are a frequent traveler; a time-tracking app will collaborate between you and your team wherever you are.

Communication and meeting tools

Team communication is another essential factor for a successful remote business. There are various communication tools which enable remote business owners to keep around their teams. They can have audio/video free conversations and can create different channels for each project, topic or team.

Modern technology took conference calls and conversations from typing to advanced and high quality levels of face-to-face voice and video conferencing. This grants accurate communication and correct transfer of information. Moreover, there are many free tools that provide good service while saving money and effort.

Most of communication tools preserve conversations and important messages. Both sides of conversations can download the software to their desktops, laptops and mobile phone; so they can have access to conversations or hold new ones wherever they are.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is another basic and important component that will make a remote business goes on brilliantly. Business owners can interact better with their teams and share important documents, lists, tasks and any other information.

These smart process of storing and archiving information facilitates the workflow and makes it handier to employees to depend on themselves. A tool like Google drive enables you to store up to 15 GB totally for free. Dropbox is another option to store documents.

Time management, communication and organization are three basic hacks to run your remote business smoothly and efficiently. You can use modern technology to tailor your own package of online tools and software. Many of them are available for free or for very reasonable prices.