24 Oct 2016

3 Signs You Need an Online Time-Tracking Software

24 Oct 2016

Well, you might think that there is no need to upgrade to an online time-tracking system. After all, you’ve been running your business for years and nothing wrong happened.

You spent time worrying about timesheets and filing records but you got used to it. However, there are signs that you need to start using an online time-tracking software.

They save time, add value, and are convenient in a way you never imagined possible.

#1 You waste a lot of time on timesheets.

Timesheets are not easy. You have to track your employees’ working hours as accurately as possible and leave no room for arguments about time covered during certain days.

Whether you track time manually or keep your files on a system, you can make mistakes. You can forget to add that someone was on vacation or simply make other unintentional mistakes that question the accuracy of your timesheets.

Think of the time you waste on timesheets and think of all significant issues you can be handling instead of wasting time on timesheets. An online time-tracking software will track your employees’ time.

You can rest while the application clock ticks and calculates how many hours an employee has stayed in office. They will not fool you. They can only clock in only from work (unless you as an admin decide otherwise).

Through the time-tracking software, a timesheet report can easily be generated based on working hours tracked. It’s easy and it saves your time.


#2 You waste even more time on payroll.

Accurate timesheets lead to accurate payroll reports. With payrolls, you want to be fair: reimburse employees for mileage covered or give them overtime they deserve.

With an online time-tracking software, you can generate accurate payroll reports easily without making any calculations. You just pick an employee, choose the date, and the payroll calculating method (you can click calculate overtime or not).

The report will include miles covered based on the rate you insert for every employee. So with an online time-tracking software you won’t waste time on payroll, getting accurate reports that your employees can trust.


#3 You lost data at one point in time.

Who would want to lose data? No one. When it comes to keeping timesheet records safe, I’m sure you would do your best to backup your data but things happen and you cannot count on your computer.

Data loss is very likely. This is the value you add to your company when you use an online tracking system.

All your data are safe online and you can access it at any time. Save your data online and stop worrying about your next payroll report.


You can run your business smoothly with an online software. It will calculate payroll and let you focus on what really matters. You can save time to handle more important tasks and your employees will trust the fairness and accuracy of the whole process.

These are the main signs that indicate you should upgrade. Use the software now to add value to how you do business and discover a time-saving technique that you are missing.

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