29 Jul 2016

5 Reasons ClockIn Portal is an HR’s Best Friend

29 Jul 2016

For some HR professionals, payroll is a monthly nightmare with a lot of employees timesheets to search through, a lot of data to compile and a lot of calculations to make, especially if it’s a large company with huge number of employees.

Keeping records of all employees timesheets, whether these timesheets are saved on a computer, or filed in the company premises is inconvenient. Calculating payroll is a lousy and a challenging task.

After all, employees don’t have the same hourly rate, haven’t worked for the same number of hours, and for some companies, there is mileage tracking to top it all. ClockIn Portal makes payroll easy.


#1 It accurately tracks employees’ working hours.

ClockIn Portal is an online employee time-tracking software. Employees simply clock in when they arrive at work and clock out when they leave, and if they take a break, it is also included in the tracking.

They can simply click lunch. ClockIn Portal keeps track of employees hours, separating working hours from lunch breaks and giving a detailed report for working hours covered in any given time that an admin, supervisor, or an HR professional specifies when creating the report. So, without giving inconvenience to employees or HR professionals, hours are tracked timely and accurately.


#2 It allows easy access to timesheet and payroll reports from any location.

Because ClockIn Portal is an online software, there is no need to keep a record of employees working hours on the computer or in a file, it is securely saved for you to access at any time.

View detailed reports wherever you are, and no longer fear computer crashes or any likely data loss of any kind. Timesheet records are safe with ClockIn Portal.


#3 It generates detailed timesheet and payroll reports.

ClockIn Portal generates timesheet and payroll reports. Timesheet reports include working hours, break hours, any note that is added by an employee during a shift (shift notes), miles covered, and timesheet requests (any shift edit request and the status of that request).  

You can easily customize the reports according to your needs by checking only fields that you want to include in the report and exclude others.


As for payroll reports, you can calculate overtime in the method you prefer or not calculate it altogether. You can include hourly rates, mileage rates of every employee, and when you generate a report, ClockIn Portal will accurately calculate the salary based on hours tracked, hourly rates included, and the overtime method that you check (Don’t Calculate Overtime, Weekly Overtime, and California Overtime). It is easy and convenient.


#4  It allows you to choose report format that you like.

Forget about creating rows and columns on excel sheets and enjoy the convenience of employee time-tracking and payroll-generating software.

With ClockIn Portal, you can choose the format that you prefer because we always give you options: HTML, PDF, or XLS.


#5 It keeps you organized.  

ClockIn Portal is a software that can keep you organized, enjoying a clutter-free office and at the same time, getting all the details you need in a report.

Instead of trying to track working hours, miles covered, and look through emails for requested days off, you can find everything you need on ClockIn Portal.


ClockIn Portal has made tracking employees’ time and calculating payroll an easy process that takes no time at all. You can just include hourly rates and it will easily calculate salary amount.

If you want to include overtime, you can check overtime and get an accurate overtime calculation. ClockIn Portal creates error-free payroll reports with minimum effort on your part.