24 Jul 2013

Where’s My Paycheck?

24 Jul 2013

In Tennessee’s Hamilton County, thousands of school employees did not receive their paychecks due to an error. About 3,700 teachers went without pay last Friday – a $3.8 million mistake.

According to an article by Kevin Hardy in the Times Free Press, Superintendent Rick Smith said the school system, the county trustee and the bank were working together to make sure no overdraft or insufficient fund fees were paid by the teachers. School employees received guidance on how to get reimbursed and they’ll have until Aug. 10 to turn over documentation to the school system.

“We don’t want to place blame or point fingers or anything like that,” Hardy quoted Christie Jordan, the school system’s director of accounting and budgeting. “We just wanted to get the employees paid. And we don’t want them to suffer these fees. Those are our main concerns.”

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