28 Feb 2017

6 Must-Have Tools to Manage Your Virtual Staff

28 Feb 2017

The rapid essence of modern technological innovation urged business owners to always think smartly while handling their businesses. If your business is virtual, with staff in different places and international clients or partners, you need to find your own hacks to sustain success significant opportunities. You do not only think out of the box; you just throw it away.

Smart solutions made it possible to take your office with you wherever you are. You can keep your virtual office as a not-too-distant experience. You can always exist in your office, among your staff while being in a total different place. This will definitely give you a satisfying workflow behind, better management and better collaboration with your team.

Today’s business owners can tailor their bundles of tools to run a business efficiently. Smart tools can also help them to track workflow and collaborate with staff easily and efficiently, anywhere they are. You can design your own hacks, we got you the basic package.


Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a simple online calendar, because who in the business lounge will not need a smart calendar? A calendar helps you to organize tasks, manage important events and track deadlines. This will certainly ease communication between you and your staff.

Reminders and to-do lists grant you a professional level of organization and productivity. You can choose the calendar interface that suits you. It is easy and quick to navigate inside the calendar. In addition, the calendar can automatically schedule your duties and tasks.



Evernote is a user-friendly tool to record and remember all your tasks. It enables you to create smart to-do lists. You can easily develop notes, illustrations and innovative reminders. Your notes can always be available wherever you need them.

You can always share your notes and documents with your staff. The tool also collaborates you effectively with your team through a group notebook. You find yourself keeping organized and managing workflow in a smart way.


Google drive

Google Drive is a smart online storage. A smart online storage enables you to keep all your documents and business content in one place. This makes it easier for you to communicate with your team and share whatever you like with them. Google drive comes with plenty of features so you can manage your business better.

The drive provides you with documents, sheets and slides. In addition to forms and drawings. It also provides teams with a unique feature of documents, letters and receipts scanning and automatically storing them as PDFs. Google drive is an effective solution to store, organize and share documents.


ClockIn Portal

A smart employee time tracking app is an absolute basic for a virtual business. It is your unique an innovative tool to keep organized and productive. The tool offers solutions to track the working hours and attendance of your staff. It goes beyond traditional systems and offers you an automated level of project management.

ClockIn Portal provides you with reliable access points, effective time tracking and user management options. In addition to, online time-sheet which is organized with easy online access. You no more need to waste time preparing payrolls and timesheets. ClockIn Portal provides you with a brilliant software to calculate payrolls and vacations.



Trello enables you to organize and manage your projects in a flexible and creative way. The application introduces you to a variety of boards, lists, and cards to provide a real structure of work management. It is supportive for virtual teams which need to share lists. Trello provides your team with an innovative and amusing visual platform to collaborate over tasks and projects.

Trello cards divide and break down all details and attachments. The application pushes dynamic communication of the team forward. It definitely boosts management and provides better organization.


Team communication is part and parcel of virtual business. Different communication tools enable you to organize your team conversations. In addition, you can create different channels for each project, topic or team. Through Skype you can hold conference calls and take a conversation from typing to face-to-face through voice and video conferencing.

This guarantees you vivid communication and accurate transfer of information.  Most of communication tools enable you to preserve your conversations and important messages. In addition, you can download the applications to both your computer and mobile phone; so you have access to conversations or hold new ones wherever you are.