20 Jul 2016

20 Signs It’s Time to Kiss Traditional Timesheets Goodbye!

20 Jul 2016

The nightmare of recording working hours, also known as timesheets, have always troubled employees. Here are signs that traditional timesheets are not good for you.

1. Whenever you watch Groundhog Day, you think that the writers and the director had timesheets in mind.

2. You were never good with mathematics and now you’re forced to calculate your working hours everyday.

3. You definitely have better things to do.

4. Your inbox is flooded with “gentle reminder” emails from your boss, asking you to send your timesheet.

5. You have fish memory. Sometimes, you forget to save changes to your timesheet file.

6. You don’t like routine.

7. You are seriously bored.

8. You waste time trying to solve your paycheck problem simply because you didn’t send the correct update of your timesheet on time.

9. You love to think and create. The repetitiveness of timesheets drives you crazy.

10. Life is short and you just hate to waste your energy on timesheets.

11. You hate to be regarded as incompetent just because sometimes your forget to hand your timesheet on time.

12. You are thinking sending timesheets is the only reason email was invented.

13. You have nightmares about timesheets. Every night you visualize them coming to attack you.

14. You score as the number one “timesheet procrastinator” in your office.

15. When it’s time to hand your timesheet, you catch yourself saying what did I do to deserve this.

16. You are racking your brain to find out whether you went to work last Monday or you didn’t.

17. You are always thinking that timesheets should be included in your job description because they are eating up your time in a way no other task does.

18. You hate the person who invented timesheets.

19. You want to take a day off when it’s time to hand your timesheet but then you remember you’ll have to document it in the next timesheet.

20. You set reminders everywhere because you don’t count on your memory to log your hours.