25 Jun 2013

Out-of-Office Experience: Working Remotely

25 Jun 2013

Work is, well, anywhere you get work done these days. Sure, the typical cubical-ridden offices still prevail in the work force, but with technology advancing faster than you can say “fax machine,” that’s becoming less and less the case. In a WIRED article by Naveen Narayanan, he wrote that the notion of “work’ is ‘very different from even just a few years ago, and that going to work is less about being at a particular location.

Working remotely makes a lot of sense for businesses that require a lot of traveling or employees out in the field, meeting clients and handling various tasks not usually done in a confined area. This also doesn’t mean all remote work has to be done at a Starbucks, strapped to a laptop either.

Of course, remote working requires employers keep track of exactly what their employees are doing and when. Also, to a lesser extent: where. ClockIn Portal, an online time clock service, allows employees to clock in anywhere in the world via the internet. They can access it via web page or even an Android-based app on their smartphone or tablet.

Narayanan mentions “technology keeps all involved parties connected through a strong web of communications. However, the challenge for the organization is to keep employees fully and regularly engaged, enabling them to give their feedback, understand what is expected, track schedules to closure and receive appreciation for the work they do. Along with this, managers must have a clear, concise and hands-off communications approach, while ensuring that their actions are aligned with business goals.” With ClockIn Portal, that’s literally not a problem. Employeers can assign tasks and track work schedules. The employee is fully immersed in a work environment without actually having to be in a traditional work environment.

Clocking in used to mean showing up to work, taking out a punch card, and sliding it through a machine. Now it’s as simple as logging in and pushing a button through time clock software. The future really is here.

Working Remotely