24 Jun 2013

PRESS RELEASE: ClockIn Portal Releases Update to Mobile Clock in App

24 Jun 2013


ClockIn Portal, an online clock in system, has released version 1.5.6 of their mobile remote clock in app for tracking work hours.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

ClockIn Portal’s mobile app is now updated to 1.5.6 with employee location tracking and can be found on the Google Play store for your Android-based smartphone or tablet. ClockIn Portal is a web-based clock-in system, allowing employees to clock in and clock out from work, track their hours and manage their work schedules. With the free mobile app, employees can clock in and out any place, any time.

Not everyone works from the comfort of an office or workstation, and sometimes business needs to be taken on the road or even overseas. ClockIn Portal gives employees the option of clocking in remotely through its recently updated Android app. In conjunction with ClockIn Portal’s website features, managers and supervisors can see when their employees clock in and out with the exact time down to the very second. The new mobile app update tracks what location employees are clocking in.

Johanna Castillo, an executive assistant at US Telehealth, has been using ClockIn Portal for the past three weeks with satisfying results. “I haven’t had a problem with it,” Castillo said. “It’s really simple to use. It allows me to monitor all the employees and information day to day. It made things a lot easier.”

How Does the App Work?

After installing ClockIn Portal to your phone, employees are presented with a log-in screen asking for the company name, username and password. After putting in the proper credentials, the user is taken to a screen displaying their name and title. In the middle of the screen is a timer which is started and stopped by pressing either of the two buttons at the bottom labeled ClockIn and Break.

How Can Employers Use ClockIn Portal?

ClockIn Portal includes the option of adding vacation requests to schedules, managing and editing time sheets, creating schedules, manage payroll and even assign/manage tasks to employees. Employers can create an account at where they can choose the plan that’s best for them. A Basic Plan costs only $9 a month and is best for small business with 2 or less employees. A Professional Plan is $39 a month and includes up to 10 employees–$3 for each additional user. Once an employer creates the account, employees can download the app and be fully integrated into ClockIn Portal anywhere in the world.