06 Mar 2017

Time to Upgrade Your Time Tracking Solution

06 Mar 2017

Change is the law of life. The world nowadays and precisely the international business lounge are changing rapidly. Mostly, you have to adapt your business to modern needs or habits, typically by installing modern tools or adopting modern ideas.

One major aspect of your business that always should be up-to-date is how you track time. Modern technological innovation provides you every day with brilliant solutions to modernize your time tracking. Because you should be reluctant to waste neither your time nor your energy, it is due time to modernize your time tracking solution.

But the question will always be, how can you decide that you need to go beyond the method you are using? Here we help you to evaluate your business time tracking capabilities in order to decide if you need an immediate upgrade.

Do your employees use a time clock to clock in and out tool?

In case your employees are not beyond the traditional paper method of signing in and signing out then ding ding; your business can not afford to be a hostage in the middle Ages. A paperless business offers a more organized and convenient atmosphere. Getting rid of paper, printing ink cartridges and stationary can reduce a lot of business expenses.

Through a good strategy and a real good time tracker app, you can generate sheets, reports and payrolls. You can also share them around through digital clouds and E-mails. This will automatically stop unnecessary printouts and wasting time on consuming work that can be accomplished easily through technology.

A digital time tracker will appeal to employees more as attendance sheets and paper payrolls by the end of every month will be of the past. Push your business ahead with a touch of technology that saves time, effort and money.

Can your employees clock in or clock out using multi devices?

Going beyond the traditional signing in and out paper method is a great step. Yet, employees should be having a convenient solution for tracking their attendance and working hours. Modern clocking in and clocking out tools have access points and assigned users. Your employees will like the idea of clocking in and out from their desktops, personal devices and mobile phones. This privilege activates remote collaboration and increases productivity. Employees will be able to work from home and it is perfect for part-timers and freelancers too.

Having the ability and accessibility to clock in and out from anywhere is really convenient and it works hand to hand with responsibility and productivity. This will guarantee accuracy of calculating working hours and will ease payment and compensations. Both you and your employees will end up happy.

Do you have to be physically in the office to track your employees?

Using a time tracker preserves energy on many levels. There is no need for you to always be around your employees to make sure of attendance and workflow. You can follow all this wherever you are. In addition, you do not also have to travel to check on your international team and partners. A remote follow up saves your money, time and energy. If your time tracking method does not guarantee you a remote management, it is time for improvements.

A time tracker also gives your employees innovation with office leaves, work from home and part-time jobs. You can set access points and shifts approvals, while your team preserves energy, stays more productive and works with pleasure. Time trackers provide administrative and HR departments with notable relief and they can direct more energy and time for bigger and more important duties.

Do you consume time in handwriting and printing timesheets?

Technology in general aims to ease your life and offers you solutions to drop down business problems to a minimal level. Using a time management tool will act as a long-term archiving process for you and for each and every one of your team. You do not have to go through the same process every month to calculate payments and compensations; you simply check over your app and follow the automatically generated reports and payrolls.

Either desktop or web-based time tracking software like ClockIn Portal give you the opportunity to track time usage and to keep a detailed records as a reference for every single time you need to go through it. There is no more need for the burdening and long processes of handwriting, review and print a spate online timesheet for each employee, leaves and payrolls. If your business still go through these unfortunate series, it is due time you go digital and modern.

Addressing the above questions can help you decide whether you are on the right track or you need to cope more with technological innovation. A good and MODERN time management tool will always push your business forward.